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We All Deserve To Heal
From Life’s Difficulties.

Parenthood doesn’t come with a manual, notes or a how-to technique but it can cause an immense amount of worry and anxiety into your life. The massive transition to motherhood or fatherhood is so wide and transformative that one could get lost or overwhelmed quickly which may cause symptoms of depression. Postpartum depression is common and 1 out of 5 women are diagnosed with it.

Men experience postpartum depression also which may appear as a disconnect with the baby or disinterest in parenting. I’m Shaakira, and I want you to know there’s help. The feelings of shame, guilt or fear that happens when having a child or becoming a new father are normal. I want to help you get out of the fog of things. Depression, anxiety or that feeling of unease does not have to be your new normal and you can get back to being you. Don’t suffer alone or in silence. Allow me to provide you support.